Framework for Haptic Teleoperation of a Remote Robotic Arm Device

Published in LARS 2018, 2018

Considering the increasing use of sophisticated machinery in remote and hazardous environments, the field of teleoperation aim to improve the human capabilities for the remote manipulation of equipment by providing a human operator with the necessary information to endow the interaction with the remote location as transparent as possible. In this context, a haptic interface allows an operator to perceive the remote environment via tactile feedback or other bodily sensations. Furthermore, it is bi-directional, been capable of both reading and writing input from and to the human user. In this work, we propose a framework for the remote operation of a servo motor robotic arm using haptic feedback. The objective is to provide the sense or presence through a tactile interface using torque feedback from the device motors and a 3D visualization of the arm in real time. As a result, we observed how the load carried by the manipulator during the path impacted accuracy and precision. Also, we perceived the influence of the torque variation of the motors causing users fatigue and mitigated this problem by applying a complementary filter in the force feedback.

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