An Immersion Enhancing Robotic Head-Like Device for Teleoperation

Published in LARS 2018, 2018

Teleoperation is a research topic which focuses on the extension of human capabilities to manipulate objects and control equipment remotely. It has been used in different contexts and applications such as nuclear or chemical industry, disarming of explosives, search and rescue missions and space robotics. In this context, the human operator may perceive the environment through different sensory information, such as vision, hearing, and touch. However, vision remains as one of the most important, since it allows a deep immersion feeling. In this paper, we proposed an immersive system for stereoscopic visualization coupled with a robotic head-like device that serves as a proof of concept framework for future applications in the mining environment. For instance, exploration and open-cut mining tasks can be highly benefited from teleoperation, considering that this kind of environment is too hazardous for humans to work. Our proposal provides depth information to the user in real time and minimizes discomfort in the visualization. Experiments with real users indicate improved performance in manipulation, depth perception, comfort and response time.

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